Monday, July 26, 2010

The King in His New Castle

When the King decided to go to Miami Heat and leave Cleveland Cavs, he decided to go for the bigtime. His former house was grand but his new residence is a league of its own. Said to be the most expensive mansion in Coral Gables, Florida. It used to be Pat Riley's home.

Built in 2000, the two story, 20,862 square foot home contains eight bedrooms, 11 full baths, and sits on a 3.6-acre property in Gables Estates.

The front yard of the house has its own small pond. One of the best features is the landscaping work that has been put in. The former owner auto dealership owner Alan Potamkin even spent over a quarter of a million dollars to have one tree barged in and planted on the property.

The luxurious property has an unobstructed view of the Miami skyline. The King would have the choice of getting to his games either by car or boat, and thus can easily avoid any rush hour traffic.

This is way too grand for just a poker game.

Cozy enough for a lovely and intimate evening but then one can just imagine how a party would also look and feel great in this ambiance.

The guest suite and basketball all in an acre of its own. What a life!

Swimming anyone?

Workouts would be very easy as this gym is just steps away from the King's bedroom. But do you think this gym would suit his needs and taste or will it be remodeled to his liking? Do you think he would need a fancy and branded sportswear for a workout here?

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