Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Perfect Start for the Defending Champions

For the season’s opener in the west, Kobe Bryant welcomed new teammate Steve Blake with a two-word order: Be Ready. And boy was Blake ready to show Bryant he can be an asset to his new team, which he did with the 3-pointer with less than 19 seconds to go and gave Lakers the lead.
It has been said that Kobe’s competitiveness can swallow opponents and teammates alike with a stubbornness that’s equally matched. But, I think he is starting to realize that he can’t win the championship alone, especially as he is getting older. The will to win might be great but it’s becoming obvious that his body is starting to have a mind of his own. And when he rifled a pass to Blake, everybody knew it was not an ordinary assist. For one, it is known that there are Lakers who have worn their teamwear for the entire season without winning Kobe’s trust. So, Blake knew that pass was special; it was a big moment for him because it was a sign that Kobe trusted him despite his being new. And Blake certainly acknowledged that trust and made sure it was not unwarranted. It may have been just one shot, but it definitely showed Kobe is willing to let go and assist, and whatever else is needed for the team. And this win certainly showed Kobe that his new teammate Blake along with a determined Shannon Brown are assets to the team.
The crucial moment when Kobe passed the ball to Blake who was positioned perfectly for a 3-point was a turning point in their team. Bryant now knows that if he passes a ball then Blake will do well and make a shot as seen with Blake’s consecutive 3-pointers at the 3rd quarter. The highest accolade that Kobe made about Blake is when he said: “He’s not scared of anything. He likes those moments.”
This has been a perfect start for the Los Angeles Lakers winning 2 points over Rockets with 112-110. Here’s hoping the winning streak continues. Can we expect Kobe’s 6th championship?
I guess we can if Blake and Brown continue with the way they play. Phil Jackson unquestionably thinks that the 2 boys changed the complexion of the ballgame. He even stated that:
"We just didn't seem to find traction until Shannon and Steve got in the ballgame and changed the complexion of that ballgame. A great effort by those two. They gave us a big rally."

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