Monday, June 6, 2011

Rafa Bags 6th Roland Garros Title

Despite the series of defeat, Rafa made sure he bagged the French Open title for the 6th time, making him at par with former World No 1 Bjorn Borg. Although he had some problems with John Isner from the start he was able to do better in the next games. He was told by Uncle Toni that he wasn't going to win the Cup that way...and Rafa needed to relax. As the video shows, Rafa has really felt the pressure although even if he lost the French Open title he would still remain the top-seeded.

Roger Federer though has been doing good. In fact he broke Djokovic's winning streak when he won the semis. It's just that Federer has not won over Rafa in Roland Garros but even Rafa has said that yopu never know. He came into the game knowing he might win or lose but did everything to win. But if Roger have won...he would have been considered the greatest player having won at least 2 championships in of each of the four majors. Rafa's victory made him still a part of the equation.

Either way, I think one of the winner in this game was the sports apparel worn by the 2 players. One can easily notice that both Rafa and Roger were wearing the iconic swoosh on all their sports gear, from the headband to the shirts, shorts,socks down to their shoes and jackets, differing only in color with Federer in red and Nadal in blue.

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