Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Riots and How It Affects the 2012 Olympics

A few days ago, I posted again a video that was in celebration of the 2012 London Olympics. It was the start of the final countdown - 365 days to go before the start of the much-awaited Olympics.

When I first blogged about the London Olympics in July 26 I kept saying 2 years from now...and discussing how LOndon was preparing for the event, the construction of the Olympic venue, what Stella McCartney was planning for the Team GB's kit and many more.

While these people are getting busier with the coming event where the whole world will be watching how they will fare after the Beijing Olympics, they are thrown into problems that we pray will not affect how the world anticipates the Games. But still it raises the question on how it will affect the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is confident that the 2012 London Olympics will be secure despite the riots that have wreaked havoc in the city. But the timing could not have been worse because nearly 200 officials are actually in London for meetings about the Summer Games. And at the same time, some test events including beach volleyball, badminton and cycling are also being held . The international football at Wembley between Holland and England has already been postponed.

A spokesman for the IOC Mark Adams said that they were not worried for the next year's Olympics because they have confidence in the Games' organizers. Even as Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson promised to do so since they made a commitment to deliver a safe and secure Games. He added that: “All the evidence shows this trouble is low-level criminality driven by messages on social networks and not some new, emerging security threat.”

Because of the riot, a "revised" 2012 logo is going around and it really doesn't feel right:

These kids in plain t-shirts and hoodies with their faces covered to hide their looks are doing a lot of cowardly things like looting and killing. I have always believed that doing something bad and harmful is not an answer to an already tensed situation. Even an Olympic ambassador was picked up by the police when her parents turned her in after seeing her on the television news report. The promising athlete is said to have allegedly thrown bricks at a police car and even bragging about it. Yes, she might hate her parents for reporting her to the police but I also ask, when people have died, when plenty have been hurt, lost their homes and businesses...what else can you do but the RIGHT thing? In the long run, that's what all parents can do...see to it that their children are being productive citizens of our country.

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